A VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer is unique in its field as it can easily seal liquids or “wet” foods.  It is a heavy-duty home vacuum sealer that can also be used for business or commercial use.  This high-end product is not your regular home vacuum sealer, and you will not find it readily available in your local store.  

A simple vacuum sealer sucks the air out of your vacuum bag and then seals the bag.  This can be a problem when packaging “wet” foods and liquids as some of the contents can also be sucked out of the bag.  If any food is caught between the layers of the vacuum bag, it can lead to partial seals or the bag won’t seal at all.

How Does A VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Work

The VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer works in a very different way from your usual home vacuum sealer. 

Instead of just vacuuming the air from inside the bag, the air is removed from the whole chamber in which the package has been placed.

This way, air pressure both inside and outside the bag remains the same throughout the entire vacuum sealing process. 

Any liquid remains safely inside the bag before it is sealed and the air is pumped back into the sealing chamber. 

Using a VacMaster VP210 means never wasting food as any excess can be vacuum sealed and stored for later use.

Leftover soups, stews, marinades, even bone broth can be vacuum sealed and frozen for months. However, don’t think it is only liquids that can be sealed. 

This machine is perfect for fishermen wanting to preserve their catch and recreational hunters.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

In addition, it can achieve higher levels of vacuum than its competitors in the market.  Most home vacuum sealers get vacuum levels of between 24” – 26” hg. 

This powerful chamber vacuum sealer can reach vacuum levels of between 27”29” hg.  A strong double seal ensures food can be safely preserved and stored for longer periods.

Another benefit of this machine is that you can seal multiple bags at any time.  The removable 10-inch seal bar allows for continuous use without overheating.

You will also find this handy chamber vacuum sealer in restaurants and delis, cooking schools, and in many kitchens.  It is a top-quality piece of home preserving equipment. 

Advantages Of Using A VacMaster VP210

The main concept behind vacuum sealing food is to protect it from going bad by removing air from the storage bag.  Bacteria and other microorganisms need oxygen to grow!

There are many advantages of using a VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer and we have listed some below.

  • Bulk Meat And Cheese Storage

We all know that certain items have a limited “shelf-life” and will spoil very quickly.  Meat and cheese are 2 such items, and as they are quite expensive, you don’t want to waste them by having them spoiled.  

An easy way to prevent this is by vacuum sealing them before storing in the refrigerator or freezer.  In fact, you can save a ton of money by buying in bulk and vacuum sealing them in portion-sized packages.  

Meat that has been properly vacuum sealed will last for 12 months in the freezer.  Cheese can be cut into smaller pieces, or buy cheese slices in bulk and vacuum seal enough for your family burger night.   Using a VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer will have all this easily ready to store in a few minutes.

  • Sous Vide Cooking

If you love sous vide cooking and use this method regularly, you should definitely consider a VacMaster VP210.   It is the best product in the market to seal liquids at home.  

In fact, using a VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer, you can easily prepare your sous vide bags in advance.  Simply do a batch of marinade, add the meat and sauce to vacuum sealer bags, and let the machine do the rest.  Use them straight away or freeze them for easy meals for months to come.

  • Buy In Bulk And Save Money 

We all know that buying food in bulk batches is cheaper and can save you a lot of money.  But, how can you safely store this food so that it won’t spoil and end up costing you in the long run?  Easy, invest in a VacMaster VP210 chamber sealer!

When properly sealed, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, herbs, and even some fresh produce can be easily stored.  We have already spoken about meat and cheese, but processed meat such as ham, bacon, salami, and seafood can be stored for months in the freezer.

You can seal the excess fruits, herbs, and vegetables from your garden and keep them in your fridge or freezer.  They should be good for several weeks.  In fact, if you have a home food dehydrator, simply dry them before vacuum sealing and they can last for years.

  • Resealing Items

Not only is this nifty machine great for fresh produce, meat, and cheeses, but it will also re-seal items in a flash.  No more throwing away a half bag of crisps because they went soggy.  Simply pop them into a vacuum bag then into the VacMaster VP210 and they will last for months.  

This will work for anything that you have opened but remains unfinished.

Using a VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer will save you precious time and money while reducing food waste.  They are easy to use and a bonus in any kitchen.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Specifications 

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Brand:  VacMaster 

Material: Stainless Steel with plastic lid

Color: Metallic

Dimensions: 24 × 19 × 19 inches

Weight: 83 pounds

[i2pc][i2pros]The 2-cylinder piston pump is maintenance-free
Removable seal bar (10 inches long) with double seal wire
The body is made of stainless steel so it does not rust
Digital control panel shows pressure and time
Easily adjust vacuum and seal time
Comes with filler plates, maintenance kit, and a user manual
Can vacuum package liquids and liquid-rich foods
Achieves Vacuum levels of 27” hg-29” hg
1 year warranty
[/i2pros][i2cons]Cannot vacuum seal Mylar bags


It comes with the following accessories

  • Assorted 3-Mil vacuum chamber pouches (60)
  • Filler plates
  • Maintenance kit
  • User manual


A one-year limited warranty is provided by the company.

The company will be responsible for the repair and replacement if any defect arises in the appliance within one year of purchase.  However, any damage occurring due to the breach of the warranty will not be covered in the warranty claim.

To claim the warranty, the customer has to submit it in written form within one year of buying the product.

The company will not accept the warranty claim if the appliance is repaired by an unauthorized dealer.

Is A VacMaster VP210 Value For Money

Given the functions it offers, a VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer is great value for money.  It has a high rating on Amazon with 4.7 stars as well as many positive reviews from customers.  

Yes, it is one of the more expensive home vacuum sealers on the market.  However, given all the features listed above this nifty machine will save you lots of money in the long run.

If you need a home vacuum sealer that gives you the ability for continuous vacuum sealing or to seal liquids safely, looks no further.  Indeed, this unit is perfect for home catering businesses, cafes, restaurants & delis, fishermen, or hunters.


There are many pieces of home-preserving equipment that can simplify your life. The VacMaster VP210 chamber vacuum sealer is one of them. 

It comes with all the features to easily store large quantities of food and reduce food waste. This machine is not a budget vacuum sealer however, our home preserving experts believe the investment is well and truly worth it.

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