Do you buy your dehydrated fruits, vegetables and jerky?  Do you grow your own produce and would like to store it safely for future use? A home food dehydrator is the answer and in this article we address the many reasons to buy a food dehydrator

Imagine all the time and money you could save using a dehydrator in your very own kitchen.  You are reducing food waste to landfill and saving money by safely preserving and storing food you have bought or grown.  

Dehydrated foods are expensive as someone else has had to do the work.  By spending a little money on a modern home food dehydrator you will reap the rewards.  See your pantry and freezer full of healthy and yummy treats and watch your bank account swell. 

Wouldn’t that be great?

What are the Reasons to Buy a Food Dehydrator?

Apart from the fact that you can do-it-yourself, a home food dehydrator can make healthy and tasty treats.  You exercise quality control and know that there are no nasty preservatives, additives and chemicals in what your family is eating. 

A food dehydrator can help you: 

Make the most of all your produce

Especially if you grow your own fruits and vegetables.  Alternatively, you can buy them in bulk at low prices, process them in your dehydrator and use them another time.  Dried fruits can be eaten as a ready-on-hand snack and are terrific in school lunch boxes.  Vegetables can be rehydrated in water or added to soups and casseroles if you cannot eat them directly.  Make tasty vegetable chips at home in your home food dehydrator

dehydrate your own produce in a food dehydrator

Make your own jerky. 

There are many recipes to make delicious beef jerky at home.  Experiment with different rubs and marinades for tasty flavor combinations.  You can also dehydrate other meats and chicken. 

Dry your herbs. 


A dehydrator is worth the money to dry your own herbs

Buying dried herbs can be expensive so why not make your own?  Herbs are very easy to grow.  

You can either plant them in your garden or, if your space is limited, use pots in your kitchen or balcony. 

Rosemary, oregano, chives, thyme and many other herbs are ideal to grow and dehydrate. 

The flavor sensation is amazing when you use a home food dehydrator to make your own. 

Whether you grow your own or buy fresh herbs, the taste and aroma is a good reason to buy a food dehydrator

Dehydrating cooked foods. 

Did you know you can dehydrate whole meals and leftovers?  These can be easily reconstituted with just hot water. 

Ideal if you are going backpacking, camping or just want to have some ‘instant’ food on hand for emergencies.  Some meals will rehydrate better than others.  Rice dishes and stews are perfect as the pieces are usually small and will dry well. 

For other meal types you may have to shred the meat and cut vegetables into smaller pieces.  Who knew that a home food dehydrator could do so many things? 

Save space. 

You may be able to preserve many foods with the canning method of home food preserving.  However, these do take up a lot of storage space. 

Dehydrated food shrinks in size and allows more room to store your foods.  If you use a vacuum sealer, you reduce the space used even further.  What’s more, vacuum-sealed foods stored in the freezer can last up to 5 x longer than freezer bags.

Prolong shelf life.

Dehydrated foods can last for a year or sometimes even two.  Rest assured that you will always have these foods on hand when you need them.

You should store dried fruit and vegetables in a cool and dry place, in an airtight container. 

save space with a food dehydrator

Eat healthier. 

When you buy dehydrated foods from the store, there may be preservatives and additives in them.  If you make your own, you are sure about the quality of the foods you are consuming. 

Knowing exactly what you are putting into your body is one of the best reasons to buy a food dehydrator

Save money. 

It is much cheaper to make your own dehydrated foods, whether it is fruits, vegetables or meat.  Using a food dehydrator at home also ensures you less waste whether you grow or buy.  

Depending on how much you use your home food dehydrator, you can recover the cost of this appliance in just a few months.

a food dehydrator is great value for money

A food dehydrator can save you money, food waste, shelf space as well as allowing you to eat good quality food all year round!

Are There any Disadvantages to Using a Home Food Dehydrator?


While there are so many reasons to buy a food dehydrator, you should be aware that there are some disadvantages. 

  • If you have a small kitchen or little counter space, you may not really have room to keep a home food dehydrator
  • It may not make sense to buy one if you are only going to use it occasionally.  In this case, it will just be another appliance that you could have done without.  (We all have some gadgets and appliances that are rarely, if ever, used).  However, there are some small dehydrators which are about the size of a rice cooker.  These can easily be stored in a cupboard and taken out when needed. 
  • When you dehydrate foods at home, it can make your kitchen or house smell.  Dehydrators take a long time to do their job as all the moisture needs to be removed.  During this time, you will have to endure the smell associated with whatever food is dehydrating.  Some smells can be warm and nice, while others may be pungent.  If this is the case, simply use the dehydrator outside or in the garage.
  • You need to spend time and effort preparing the foods before processing them in your home food dehydrator.  In fact, you will need to rotate the trays from time to time for even drying. 
  • When dehydrators are running, they can often be noisy.  Place them in the laundry, garage or outside to negate this. 


If you love eating home-grown food or buy organic to stay healthy, these are other reasons to buy a food dehydrator.  There are a large variety of home food dehydrators available in the market and online. 

Check out our food dehydrator review article to find one that suits your budget and the available space in your kitchen.