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Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews - Best Home Preserving

Best Home Preserving Equipment – Vacuum Sealers

Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews for 2021

It is a great idea to invest in a high quality vacuum sealer machine for any of your home food preserving.  That is why we have updated our best vacuum sealers list to include the latest units. 

Anyone who has looked into preserving food at home will tell you that using these modern machines is easy and can save money.  

Why?  Because using vacuum sealers for any produce can extend the shelf-life of your produce and reduce food waste.

Food preservation is highly recommended when you buy or harvest produce in bulk as preserving slows the process of food spoilage.

There are many different ways to preserve food at home and vacuum sealing is just one of the commonly used methods.  Using a vacuum sealer can keep food fresh up to 5 times longer than regular freezing in the refrigerator. 

As with all appliances you have multiple options when buying a vacuum sealer. But comparing different models can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

To simplify your search we have reviewed the best vacuum sealers currently available in the market.

How Does Vacuum Sealing Work?


Food will spoil due to several factors being present.

  •  Microbial spoilage from bacteria, yeast, fungi or mould growth or activity.
  • Chemical processes such as oxidation of fats which causes food to become rancid.
  • Atmospheric conditions like excesses in temperature or moisture.

Food preservation techniques work because they alter these factors to slow down or halt the process of food spoilage.

A food vacuum sealer is a specialized piece of equipment that extends the life of food by sealing the contents in a vacuum.  It draws out oxygen from the storage bag before sealing it using heat.  Decreased oxygen levels inhibit chemical and microbial activity and decelerate the rate of food spoilage.

Contents within the sealed bag remain safe for long periods or until the seal is broken.

Our 9 Best Value Vacuum Sealers For Home

A good vacuum sealer will seal the bag airtight to prevent freezer burn and keep its contents fresh.

While this “efficiency” is what we generally look for in a unit some models with additional features have extra benefits.  For instance, look for a device that is easy to use and store.

Here are the best vacuum sealers our reviewers have picked out for you:

Most Efficient Home Vacuum Sealer – Nesco American Harvest VS-12 Vacuum Sealer

Nesco American Harvest VS-12 Vacuum Sealer


The Nesco American Harvest is one of the best vacuum sealers to prevent freezer burn and prolong the shelf-life of products.

This 130 Watt powered model has a double vacuum pump to maximize air extraction during the vacuum sealing process. 

With an easy lock lid mechanism it is a powerful machine and simple to use.

The unit has multiple controls to easily choose the right setting for any food type being preserved.

These include two vacuum pressure settings (normal/ gentle) and three sealing options (dry, moist and double).

You can choose to close the bag with either a single or a double seal.  Its double line sealing bars ensure that bags are airtight to prevent freezer burns.

A top model vacuum sealer it includes many additional features.  An in-built storage compartment for bag rolls, a sliding bag cutter and a cancel button to stop the unit mid-cycle. 

Finally it comes with an accessory port to hold the attachments for sealing jars or marinating meat.



  • User-friendly operating system.
  • Concealed storage for cords.
  • High suctioning power.
  • Compatible with all brands of vacuum sealer bags.
  • Enables customization of bags to any size.
  • Includes a starter pack.
  • Multiple controls allowing optimal sealing of a wide variety of goods.
  • Double sealing with hands-free sealing and locked handle.



  • It does not have a drip tray.

Our Verdict

With high suctioning ability and simple controls for customizing the Nesco American Harvest VS-12 unit is our pick as the Most Effective and Efficient of vacuum sealers.

Best Overall Home Vacuum Sealer – Foodsaver V4400 Vacuum Sealer

Foodsaver V4400 Vacuum Sealer


Prep meals, save leftovers, and preserve food using the Foodsaver V4400.

For ease of use look no further! The Foodsaver V4400 makes vacuum sealing food easy. Simply put food in the bag, enter the open end of the bag into the sealer and the machine will do the rest!

The machine takes all the air out of the bag which means you can store food for up to 3 years and the flavor is still as good as fresh! 

Not only can you use the Foodsaver V4400 to seal food but you can also seal liquids for when you travel as well as precious documents and photos. 

The machine is easy to clean with a pull-away drip tray that is dishwasher safe. 

The machine is more on the quiet side meaning you can use it any time day or night.



  • The sealer extracts air from the bag and then automatically seals it when it gets airtight.
  • The sealer takes up less bag material used in the sealing process.
  • Its Easy-Lock latch feature provides a tight, powerful seal.
  • It has a removable drip tray, allowing you to clean up with minimum hassle.



  • Doesn’t suit all vacuum bags

Our Verdict

The Foodsaver V4400 is the Best Overall model for your vacuum sealing needs be it to store or reduce wastage of food.


Best Cordless Home Vacuum Sealer – Foodsaver Cordless Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Foodsaver Cordless Handheld Vacuum Sealer


Do you lack the counter space for a large unit?  If yes go for the Foodsaver Cordless Handheld Vacuum Sealer.

With this model you save on kitchen space while enjoying the benefits of a powerful vacuum sealer.

In fact, the Cordless model is so easy to operate, that it is perfect for beginners and those new to the process of vacuum sealing.

This model is equipped with an innovative motor that has the capacity to seal up to 60 quart bags on a 24-hour full charge.

The unit is compatible with both Foodsaver zipper bags and fresh vacuum seal containers.

It has a docking station, a streamlined charging base that provides a strong charge and an in-built cord storage system.

A cordless model with its advanced vacuum technology can remove excess air from bags all with a single push of the button.

 Additionally, you receive a starter kit of 4  quart vacuum seal zipper bags with the unit.



  • Affordable
  • Compact and can be easily stored.
  • Quiet, quick and efficient.
  • Large sealing capacity on a 24-hour full charge.
  • Simple operating system.
  • Powerful vacuum sealing system.
  • Allows for re-using storage bags.
  • Portable


  • It is only compatible with Foodsaver bags and containers.

Our Verdict

The Foodsaver CordlessHandheld Vacuum Sealer model is quick, efficient and quiet. This compact unit fits well in any kitchen and is the Best Cordless model that is both convenient, and portable.

Best Selling Vacuum Sealer – Geryon E2900-MS Vacuum Sealer

Geryon E2900-MS Vacuum Sealer


Use the Geryon E2900-MS Vacuum Sealer model to seal, store and preserve food.

Being compact and lightweight the unit can be easily stored or moved around.

Its unique multi-layer material heat seal bags prevent freezer burn to reduce food spoilage and wastage.

The model is fully equipped with user-friendly features such as digital touch buttons, LED indicator lights and a control panel.  All this means a fully automated process of vacuum sealing.

Seal different foods using its optimal preservation setting (moist/dry) and pressure options (gentle/normal).

Geryon E2900-MS has an accessory port to attach the air tube for sealing contents within canisters.

The unit includes a starter kit consisting of a user manual, air suction hose, heat seal bags (5) and a roll.

It is compatible with both Geryon (12 inch width) and other branded vacuum sealer bags and rolls.

Remove the upper lid of the unit to easily and safely clean-up.



  • Portable, easy storage.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compatible with other brands sealer bags and rolls.
  • Automatic and digital operative system.
  • User-friendly features.
  • Preserve a variety of foods using specific settings.
  • Affordable


  • Require textured bags for vacuuming to work.
  • Heat seal is not as effective as other models.
  • Slower acting.
  • Lacks in-built bag storage and cutter

Our Verdict

Although slower in action the Geryon vacuum sealer machine is the Best-Selling model on Amazon on account of its affordability and efficiency in the kitchen.

Quietest Home Vacuum Sealer – Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer

Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer


Clear up your schedule by prepping and storing meals in advance using the Nutrichef vacuum sealer.

Customize the sealing process using the different modes and preserve the flavor, texture and quality of your food.

Use the dry mode to preserve dry solids and the moist option for preserving food that has been steamed, poached or simmered.

With its fully automated design the model is ideal for all levels of user.

Enjoy switching on (electric plug in) and activating the process with the touch of digital buttons.

The control panel is centrally located on top of the unit and has LED lights to increase visibility.

A Nutrichef vacuum sealer provides you with a fully equipped kit to start your preservation. This consists of  a wine stopper, 5 medium vacuum bags and an extra long vacuum bag roll.

You can even use the Nutrichef model to marinate meats.

This light, compact unit is a perfect fit in any kitchen.  It is equipped with a stain-resistant exterior that safeguards it from any accidental spills.



  • Affordable
  • Digital touch button operation.
  • Two different sealing modes; the “Dry” mode for sealing dry foods and the “Moist” mode for sealing foods with moisture.
  • Bags and rolls are waterproof and reusable.
  • Compact, easy to store and portable.
  • Easy to clean as it has a stain-resistant exterior.
  • Comes with six vacuum bags that can be washed and reused. 


  • Lacks a bag storage compartment and a bag cutter.
  • Buttons are extremely sensitive and are at the risk of damaging if used without care

Our Verdict

Among its many features, one standout factor is that the NutriChef sealer is very quiet when in use. This means that it can function without creating noise, making it one of the best vacuum sealers.

The compact, light Nutrichef vacuum sealer is the Quietest Model available.  With its custom sealing modes and powerful vacuum-sealing system this affordable model is worth its money.

Best High End Vacuum Sealer – Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer

Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer


The Weston Pro 2300 vacuum sealer is a heavy duty commercial model with a power of 935 Watts.

With a double piston pump seal bar (5 mms) the Weston model is able to seal bags faster and more efficiently.  You create a solid seal each time.

An easy to operate model this vacuum sealer has a manual seal mode. 

Giving you more control over vacuum pressure especially when sealing softer and delicate items.

The Weston Pro-2300 is ideal for continuous use as it is equipped with a fan to cool the motor.

Preventing the unit from overheating means it can be used repetitively.

You can use both Foodsaver and Ziploc bags with this model and all bag sizes as the bar can seal up to 15 inches across.



  • Easy to operate
  • Manual seal feature allows you to modify the vacuum pressure, making it easy to handle soft foods.
  • Detachable cord with its own storage compartment.
  • High suctioning system.
  • Transparent acrylic lid helps to align the bag properly for sealing.
  • Durable and high performer as the fans prevent overheating of the unit.
  • Can be used with different types and sizes of food bags. It can accommodate bags with a maximum width of 15 inches (38 cm), which is more than you’ll get from most sealers.
  • Powerful, heavy-duty vacuum sealer with a power rating of 935W.


  • Expensive
  • Larger than other vacuum sealers so not as easy to store

Our Verdict

The Weston Pro-2300 is a powerful, fast and accurate vacuum sealer that is more suited for frequent use.

If you are looking for a great vacuum sealer with a high-level output, this Weston product is the right choice for you. Its remarkable features make it suitable for professional use.

A fan cooled motor makes it ideal for sealing larger items like meat and making it our Perfect High-end Model for Meat Lovers.

Best Budget Friendly Vacuum Sealer – Toyuugo Vacuum Sealer Machine

Toyuugo Vacuum Sealer Machine


Use the Toyuugo Vacuum Sealer to preserve a wide variety of foods saving you time, money and space.

This sleek, compact model can be easily stored in kitchen drawers or cabinets.

It’s exclusive design incorporates a much easier to open and close lid as well as being able to remove the upper lid completely to make cleaning much easier.  

It’s stainless steel panels are easy to wipe clean and the LED light and digital buttons give it great user experience. 

The model is automated and has 5 different settings – moist, dry, VAC, External VAC and Seal. Simply insert the bag and press the setting you want to use. 

The external VAC option allows you to seal things other than vacuum seal bags such as jars, wine bottles and canisters giving you mult functional uses in just one machine. 



  • Lightweight and has a compact design, making it easy to carry around without taking up much space.
  • The detailed user manual gives clear instructions for the device.
  • Simple features for operating the unit.
  • Affordable
  • 5 different settings
  • Automatically clamps down on the bag 
  • Comes in 10 bags


  • Not all bags are compatible 

Our Verdict

With the five different sealing modes available, the Toyuugo vacuum sealer can be used for your various sealing needs. It is our best budget friendly vacuum sealer based on quality and price. 

Best Sous-Vide Vacuum Sealer – Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer

Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer


If you’re a home chef chances are you have been experimenting with sous-vide.

By using this technique you can lock in the flavor and moisture of the food to enhance its taste and texture.

And what better way to perfect your sous-vide cooking than to use the Anova Precision vacuum sealer

With this model you can ensure that no air enters your bag during cooking.  You achieve restaurant quality cooking at home.

This model is compact, reliable and is operated using touch buttons.

It has a separate air pulse function providing more control over air extraction.

The unit comes with 10 Anova pre-cut vacuum sealer bags.  These are double-ribbed and made of 7 layers enabling them to withstand the prolonged cooking times for sous-vide.

The Anova sealer has a slender body, definitely the smallest on this vacuum sealer review. This means that it consumes a minimal amount of space in your kitchen, making it one of the best vacuum sealers.



  • Provides best sealing for sous-vide cooking.
  • Provides a tight, perfect fit that prevents the loss of freshness and flavor in food.
  • Simple touch function.
  • Compact unit and take less counter space.
  • Fast vacuuming and strong sealing on bags.
  • Comes with ten free Anova vacuum sealer bags.


  • Not too powerful
  • Not ideal for sealing large items like meat and pantry food.

Our Verdict

The Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer seals bags with such precision and strength that it is the Best Model for Sous-Vide Cooking.

Best Value Vacuum Sealer – Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine

Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine


This automatic vacuum sealing machine is great for home food preserving beginners.

It’s design makes it very easy to use with a simple electric plug and the control panel on top of the machine.

The buttons are soft touch and and use LED lights to indicate which function is on.

It is incredible value for money and won’t break the bank.

For the quality of the product and what you get it is definitely worth the money.

It includes a Duel sealing mode meaning you can perfectly seal dry food and moist food, helping you seal food perfeclty and preventing it from spoiling.

Not only do you get the vacuum seal machine but it also includes 5 medium bags and one extra long bag to get you started!



  • Simple control center located at the top.
  • Equipped with LED indicator lights for easy use and soft touch digital buttons.
  • For maximum compatibility it has two sealing modes; the “Moist” setting for poached, simmered, or steamed food; and the “Dry” setting for solid food items.
  • Comes with an air suction hose and six vacuum sealer bags.


  • Gap time between uses

Our Verdict

With its ease of use, duel sealing mode and the addition of bags  the Mueller Vacuum Sealer Machine, is the Best Value for Money Model.

Why Do I Need A Vacuum Sealer?

Food preservation is easy when you use quality vacuum sealers.  And, these days all you have to do is load the bags and the appliance will take care of the rest.

We have done a comprehensive review of the best vacuum sealers on the market today.  All that is left for you is to select the model that best matches your preferences and budget.

Think of it as an investment as in the long run sealing food at home equates to savings in your pocket.

The purpose of this vacuum sealer review is to help you eliminate the numerous substandard products being sold around. If you pick a product from this guide, you will surely end up with one of the best vacuum sealers.