Vacuum sealers for food are becoming increasingly popular.  These small kitchen appliances were traditionally only found in high-end commercial kitchens and used for ‘sous-vide’ cooking.

Historically, they were cumbersome machines and very expensive.  However, modern technology has changed all that and these handy devices have a place in every kitchen.  

Vacuum sealers for food are helping households reduce waste and save money.  They can prolong the shelf-life of just about any food type.  Moreover, the size and cost of these handy kitchen appliances have come down.

If you have been looking at buying a vacuum sealer and want to know whether it’s worth the money, you have come to the right place! 

vacuum sealer for food

What is Vacuum Sealing For Food?

Vacuum sealing or vacuum packing is a modern food preserving technique.  These nifty kitchen appliances remove all the air from a special bag containing food to be stored. 

Air, or specifically oxygen is one of the major factors which cause food to rot or spoil.  This is because bacteria and fungi prosper in the presence of oxygen. 

Using a vacuum sealer can keep food fresh up to 5 times longer than just regular freezing.  In fact, properly vacuum-sealed meat can keep for years in the freezer.

Even soft foods like cheese, steamed vegetables, and garlic can be refrigerated safely for months.  

Many chefs also use a vacuum sealer to cook ‘Sous Vide’ style.  This is a technique of cooking food at a low temperature for a long time.  It consists of sealing food in a plastic bag with oil or other marinades.  The sealed bag is then submerged in a water bath for an extended time.

Why Do I Need A Vacuum Sealer?

The following reasons explain why vacuum sealers for food can be useful to either a home or professional chef.

1. It Saves Time 

Most of us have a billion different tasks to complete by the end of the day.  So, it is common that we are just too tired to cook a full meal in the evening. 

Using vacuum sealers for food will save the day!

Use your weekend to prep your meals and then seal separately in a plastic pouch!  When you get home just pop the pouch in the microwave or hot water bath.  Hey Presto!! Your meal is ready!!

2. It Saves You Money

Vacuum sealers for food are a game-changer for people who live on a budget.  How many times have you done your weekly shop and stocked the refrigerator?  Towards the end of the week, you find your broccoli or sausage is soggy or moldy.  So, all there is left to do is throw it away!

You can avoid this by using your handy vacuum sealer.  Just seal them in a bag, store them in the refrigerator, and know they will be fresh for weeks.  You can use them anytime you want!

3. It Saves Space

Vacuum sealed foods take a lot less space in your fridge, freezer, or pantry.  Since the sealing process removes all the air and some moisture, food volume is reduced.  Your storage space woes are solved not only in the fridge and freezer but also in your pantry.  No need for a bigger Frigidaire or a kitchen renovation!! 

4. It Prevents Freezer Burn

Freezer burn occurs due to moisture loss.  When food is exposed to dry, cold air the outer layers lose moisture.  This leads to discoloration and shriveled produce which will likely be covered in ice crystals.   

To prevent freezer burn you must ensure that food is sealed tight so no air can get in.  Enter the vacuum sealers for food and you are on your way!!

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Different Types Of Vacuum Sealers For Food

The following are the most common types of vacuum sealers that are available.

1. Chamber Vacuum Sealer

These units will be found in most commercial kitchens.  They are the only vacuum sealers for food with the ability to package liquids such as marinades and soups.   

They are quite large machines and may prove too expensive for the average user.  

Ideal for small businesses most will serve up 40 – 50 bags every hour.  

Food is sealed within special bags inside a pressurized chamber.


2. External Vacuum Sealers For Food

Very user-friendly, these compact devices are found in many home kitchens.  With excellent capacity, they also feature in industrial and commercial kitchens around the world.  

Compact design ensures they have a place on every countertop.  

Compatible with food bags or rolls, they are perfect for just about any type of food except liquids.


3. Nozzle Vacuum Sealer

Oxygen is extracted from the pouch using a small retractable nozzle.  They are famous for their fast operation.

Some machines will require an external compressor.

vaccum sealer for food
vacuum sealer for food

What Foods Can I Vacuum Seal?

You can vacuum seal almost everything and anything. 

People even use vacuum sealing to keep clothing items or linen safe from dust, mites, and moisture.

You can seal any meat, cheeses, vegetables, nuts, fruits, and even spices in terms of food!  Furthermore, they are perfect for resealing your potato chips packet as well!

Did you know that you can even vacuum seal liquids?  Just put the liquid in a small container and freeze it until solid.  Simply place the frozen block in a bag and seal it up!  Ideal for storing leftover wine (What is that?), lemonade, and non-carbonated drinks such as juice!


Final Verdict

Vacuum sealers for food are finding their way into every modern kitchen

Whether it’s dry nuts, a lean cut of protein, or steamed vegetables.  Store them safely and efficiently for as long as six to twelve months by just using this small device.

Our final answer is an emphatic yes.  Vacuum Sealers for food are totally worth the money!