About Best Food Dehydrators

A Home Food Dehydrator Is Easy To Use

A dehydrator uses subtle heat to remove moisture from food and stop any microbial activities.  Removing water is essential in food preservation as it is needed by moulds, yeasts, and bacteria to grow.

Using a dehydrator means food products are properly dried and if stored correctly will last long periods at room temperature.

The drying method of food preservation is easy, safe and healthy.  With no added chemicals, colours or flavours required it can be used to preserve fruits, meats, and vegetables.

There are several methods of drying food but the most common are using your oven or drying with an electric dehydrator. Other methods used include air drying, sun drying (deserts), solar drying (needs a special dryer) and pit oven drying (used when other methods are not available).

Oven drying is one of the easiest methods for the first time or occasional drying.  However, it is time-consuming and not very economical.

An electric dehydrator comes in a wide range of prices and can have up to 10 trays (you can always add more later if you wish.)  They are very efficient, cost-effective and easy to use.

Foods best suited for this drying include meaty tomatoes, fruits, herbs, potatoes, berries, bread cubes, onions, bananas, and celery.

Dried food is a very good source of quick energy and excellent nutrition.


How Drying Preserves Food

The dehydrator works by removing moisture from food to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, and molds.

Using prolonged low heat slows the action of enzymes without completely deactivating them. This prevents food products from spoiling and makes drying an effective preservation method.

By removing water you reduce the weight of the food leaving it both smaller and lighter.

The ideal temperature to dry food is around 60°C and your dehydrator will be set for this.  However, for dairy, meats, and poultry it is best to first heat them to 70°C for the drying process.

Another factor to consider when drying is humidity. High humidity will slow down the drying process because the surrounding air will be filled with moisture.  You will have to allow more time to achieve the result you want.

That being the case time your dehydrator used for when the weather is fine and clear with little or no humidity.  Doing this makes the process as quick and economical as possible.

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