One of the most popular methods to store food for later use is canning.  Modern technology has made this process much simpler with the advent of these best electric canners.

Large amounts of food can be stored for a long period if canned in the proper way.  Hot-water canning and pressure canning are two methods of preserving food at home that has been used for generations.  Traditionally, canning food at home was a tiresome process due to the steps required.  Both water-bath canners and pressure canners need constant supervision to ensure that the food is processed correctly.

Well, with the advent of state-of-the-art electric canners, life just got a whole lot easier!

Read on for our list of the best electric canners available on the market today.

What Is An Electric Canner?

An electric canner is simply a pressure canner that uses a power socket instead of a stove-top. 

There are many benefits of using an electric canner over a dedicated home pressure canner or simple water bath canner.

  • Multifunctional:  3 or our 4 electric canners can be used for slow/pressure cooking.  All function to make soups and stews, as a rice cooker and to steam vegetables.
  • Safety:  Superior lid locking systems and cool touch handles.
  • Easy To Use:  Pre-set programmes, easy clean removable pot and detailed guides and recipe books.

This guide compares features such as size, material and capacity of the top electric canners. All of these are extremely important when deciding to buy a good canner.   However, the best electric canner is the one that suits your needs.

Safety features are also very important in any canner as they protect from accidental “blowups”.  So, the best canners usually include the best safety features and we look at these for each product.

Listed below are the best-selling electric canners our experts could find.

SharkNinja Electric Pressure Cookers & Canners

Material: Plastic, Metal, Rubber
Color: Black
Capacity: 6.5 Quarts
Dimensions: 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1 inches

SharkNinja, manufacturers of Ninja home appliances have come out with electric pressure canner/cookers. The 6.5-quart electric pressure cooker weighs about 23 lbs. According to SharkNinja, this electric pressure canner functions both as a “Can-It” electric water bath system for preserving foods in the comfort of your home and as a cooking electric pressure cooker for steaming your favorite meats and veggies to perfection, all in one appliance.

The electric pressure cooker’s lid is a standard electric pressure cooker with a gasket and it also has a steam release valve. The electric canner comes with three racks that are designed to hold 7 pint-size jars or 4-quart size jars at one time. 

The electric pressure canner is a 6.5-quart size that is made to hold 7 pint-size jars or 4-quart size jars at one time. It comes with three racks that are designed to hold the jars in place. The electric pressure cooker has a standard lid with a gasket and a steam release valve. 

There’s also an electric heating element located at the bottom of the electric pressure canner. According to SharkNinja, the electric canner is a perfect electric water bath system for preserving foods in the comfort of your home. This electric pressure canner comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The electric pressure cooker is a great electric canner and electric water bath system. It has the ability to speed up electric pressure-cooking times.

Ball 21 Quart FreshTECH Electric Canner

Material: Steel
Color: Silver and black
Capacity: 21 Quart
Dimensions: 15.35 x 15.16 x 15.35 inches


The Ball brand is almost synonymous with home canning and canning jars.  In fact, the company has expanded into amazing canning and preseserving appliances.  The most recent appliance in their range is the Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner and Multi-Cooker.

This comes after their FreshTECH Jam and Jelly Maker which first came on the market in 2012.  In fact, this was followed by their FreshTECH Automatic Home Canning System a couple of years later.

But, back to FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner!  You can use this on any countertop with access to a power socket and free your stove top.  An easy-to-use water bath electric canner, it also doubles as a multi-cooker.  It is terrific for stews, pasta, soups and steaming vegetables.

Super large capacity, it holds 8 quarts, 9 pints or 12 half pint canning jars.  Indeed, you can double the half pint capacity by stacking the jars on top of each other.

A polished steel design with a dishwasher-safe glass lid, the base detaches for easy storage.  Safely drain boiling water into the sink with an easy-drain spigot, or use it as a hot water dispenser.

Rubber-coated, heat resistant handles ensure you can safely move the unit throughout the canning process, if required.

Adjust the water temperature of this electric canner with a simple one-dial control knob.

This nifty unit comes with a canning rack and steaming rack included.

Carey Smart Pressure Cooker Electric Canner

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Capacity: 8.99 liters

Dimensions: 14 × 15 × 14.5 inches

The Carey Smart Pressure Cooker and Canner may look very small but it has several great features that make it one of the best canners in the market.

Made from rust-proof stainless steel, it not only looks good but is durable.  It perfectly balances performance and safety and by doing this it is many home preservers favorite appliances.

It has been designed to pressure can food but will also pressure cook, steam and slow cook food.  The unit is lightweight and the cool-touch handles make it easy to move.

Easily programme the unit with a multi-functional display or use one of the preset programs.  This electric canner has it all!

It has several key safety features:

  • Anti-block Filter
  • Pressure-limitiing Valve
  • Lid Lock Protection
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Automatic Pressure Release
  • Pressure Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Float Valve Protection
  • Fuse Protection

The inner pot is non-stick Aluminum, removable and easy-clean with a 9.5 quart capacity.  It will hold 4 quart, 5 pint or 16 4 ounce jars at any one time.

This top electric canner comes with the aluminum pot, a canning rack, a steam rack and pressure limiting valves.  A 10 psi standard valve and a 15psi high altitude valve.

It is quite affordable and the digital display and timer are surely going to make using it easy for you.  So, what are you waiting for, this electric canner is custom made for your family, right?

Presto 02144 Electric Canner 

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black

Capacity: 12 quarts

Dimensions:  14 x 17 x 16 inches

Presto 02144,12 Qt Digital Canner is the first electric pressure canner that meets USDA Guidelines.  This means that you can safely preserve low-acid foods such as meat, fish, poultry and vegetables in an electric canner.

It also doubles as an easy-to-use electric water bath canner to preserve fruits and other high acid foods.  The black finish makes it very attractive and the unit comes apart for easy cleaning.

To use, simply choose which canning method you are using and program the time and temperature.  The digital interface with LED display will guide you through the process to easily preserve food at home. 

Best of all, no adjustments are required to pressure can at higher altitudes.

This amazing electric canner will pre-heat and sterilize the jars and even keep them hot until they are filled. 

Safely can food at home with an innovative sensor that detects the precise temperature.  Not only that, it will keep the temperature accurate for the exact time needed to process each food type.

When water bath canning, a temperature sensor records the boiling point and automatically begins the canning process.  It will also run the unit for the required time to safely can high acid foods.

More Features

A truly versatile electric canner, it uses less energy than the same process on a gas or electric stovetop.  Furthermore, good insulation traps the heat inside the unit, where it is required, and keeps your kitchen cool.

There are 10 in-built safety features including cool-touch handles, a lid-locking system, and an “incomplete canning” alert.

The non-stick removable pot is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean and the unit includes a canning rack.  This makes removing jars simple once they have been processed and reduces breakage.

12 Quart capacity means it will hold 8 pint or 10 half-pint canning jars.

Finally, the pack includes an instruction/recipe book.  It has easy-to-follow methods and the recipes show standard processing times from USDA guidelines.  It also has a Quickstart guide which we suggest you read before using it.

The most expensive electric canner on our list, it is a truly amazing machine and will be well-used in any kitchen.

NESCO Smart Electric Canner – Best Pressure Canner for Ease of Clean

Material: Aluminum

Color: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 9.5 quarts,4 quarts

Dimensions: 14 × 15 × 14.5 inches

A NESCO Smart Canner is the best choice for beginners.  It combines safety with versatility and performance.

This nifty electric canner helps to avoid the common mistakes people make during home canning.

It combines many built-in safety features:

  • Cool-touch handles
  • Safety-lock lid
  • Automatic valve float
  • Pressure control
  • Temperature control
  • Pre-set programmes

The canner is made of stainless steel and includes a non-stick aluminum pot, making it durable and efficient.  I wondered why non-stick was important until I realised what else this machine can do.

Sure, you use this electric canner for water bath and pressure canning.  But, it also doubles as a slow cooker, vegetable steamer, pressure cooker and even for cooking rice.

It comes with several products including a canning rack, a safety lid, a condensation catcher and a steaming rack.

More Features

Being safe for both pressure and water bath canning means you can easily process high and low acid foods.  Just select either the water bath or pressure functions.

Also, the NESCO Smart Canner has a digital display and pre-set programs that make using this electric canner extremely easy.   Simply use the touch buttons to adjust the time and pressure.

The lid has a safety lock to ensure it fits securely.  It also incorporates an automatic float valve to identify when the correct pressure has been met inside the unit.

9.5 quart capacity holds 4 quart, 5 pint or 16 4 ounce jars at any time.

Ideal for beginners who do not have much background in the canning process.  Ensure the best results while canning safely with a NESCO Smart Canner.


Electric canners are relatively new to the market.  As such, there is not a large range to choose from, unlike their stovetop counterparts.  However, the units that are available are outstanding in features, versatility, and safety.

We believe electric canners are the way of the future and you will see many more models become available.

Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these easy-to-use home canners.  You’ll be truly glad you did!

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