What Are The Best Canning Jars For Preserving At Home

Having the right canning jars is essential for safe home preserving and food storage.  With a wide variety available, we take the guesswork out of choosing which are the best for you.

Canning is the one of most popular, convenient, and effective food preservation techniques.  Fortunately, you can preserve a wide variety of produce at home using special canning jars for each different canning method. 

All canning jars have two important pieces – a glass container and a lid to create a tight seal.  Indeed, using the proper equipment for preserving increases shelf life by keeping moisture, oxygen,  microbes, bacteria, and mold at bay. 

Fresher food when you need it, that’s the benefit of home preserving.


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5 Best Canning Jars To Preserve At Home

We review the best canning jars available in the market today for safety and ease of use.  Whatever you are looking to can at home, these jars will look after all your home preserving needs.

A pack of 4 mason jars from Paksh is not only affordable but also multipurpose.  In fact, Paksh mason jars are fantastic for canning, fermenting, and storing. 

Preserve all your garden produce as well as fruits, nuts, snacks, jams, and jellies in huge portions.  

The Paksh canning jars are made from food-grade quality clear smooth glass that is dishwasher safe.  Furthermore, since canning involves heat sterilization, the soda-lime glass absorbs high heat without cracking or breaking. 

100% safe for all food canning methods the jars are free from lead and BPA.

Accurately sized and the perfect shape for home preserving, each 5 x 3.25’’ glass jar has a 16 oz capacity.  Plus, a 2 ¾ ‘’ mouth diameter offers a wide opening that’s ideal for easy pouring, serving, and washing.

These canning jars come with a silver metal lid and a plastisol liner.  Create a leak-proof and airtight seal to keep excessive air and moisture out every time. 

This retains freshness and crispiness while extending the shelf-life of food for many months.  

Bonus, each jar in this pack of 4 has an anti-slip base for better stability on kitchen countertops.

The 12-pack of KAMOTA glass canning jars are an ideal choice for home canning. 

Unlike some other brands, KAMOTA make their jars with high-quality glass that won’t crack upon heating. 

100% food-safe, these glass jars are BPA-free, reusable and dishwasher-safe. 

Best of all, they come with an after-sales guarantee covering breakage and cracking. 

Each 4.92 by 3.14” jar has a 16 oz capacity and a wide-mouth opening of 2.75”.   In fact, this wide opening makes for easy cleaning and to add or remove contents with a spatula. 

A leaking lid creates a mess and also allows the entry of toxic materials that may cause food spoilage. 

Keeping this in mind, KAMOTA canning jars feature lab-certified silver lids that are leak-proof and rust-proof. 

This air-tight seal keeps fruits, veggies, snacks, jams, drinks and pickles fresh for years. 

As a bonus, you get free 20 chalkboard labels with the economy of 12 jars.

The very famous Ball Mason jars by Jarden are widely used for home canning around the world. 

Made in the USA, these cylindrical-shaped containers are made with top-quality glass. 

This ensures they can withstand both pressure canner or hot water bath temperatures. 

No cracks or breakage with these highly durable canning jars! 

You can also refrigerate the sealed jars.

Used specifically for food preservation, the Ball jars are food-grade safe, BPA-free, and reusable.

Each pint jar features ‘Ball’ label engravings on the front and unit markings. 

These 12 x 12 x 12’’ mason jars have a 16 oz capacity and regular size mouth opening.

With an expertly designed metal lid, the band is easy to open and close. 

Furthermore, it creates an airtight seal to avoid leakage and contamination.

Transparent glass with an elegant design allows for clear visibility. 

You can easily see what’s inside each can without opening the lid every time. 

Plus, the outside lid features the latest brushed silver design to compliment your kitchen decor.

Top value with this 12 pack of canning jars.

This WILLDAN Mason 12 jar canning set offers a convenient way to store all your food supplies. 

Each clear, logo-less transparent glass container has a classic curved design that’s heat resistant to 350 ̊F. 

This clear visibility of the jar contents allows for easy storage of these canning jars. 

All containers are food-safe, BPA-free, freezer-safe and reusable and have a 16 oz capacity,

Great for canning as well as storage, fermenting, and even brewing!

 A 2.34” diameter and 2” wide label space makes for easy usage. 

All WILLDAN canning jars have time-tested rose gold lids. 

They are rust-proof and create a good-quality airtight seal, making them perfect for canning. 

Plus, a wide mouth allows you to clean, pour and mix easily.

Great value with classic and elegant design.

Anchor Hocking 1 Pint Canning Jars

This set of 12 home canning jars with 1 pint capacity is great value from Anchor Hocking. 

Using only top quality glass, there is no chance of toxins leaching into the preserved food.

These American-crafted canning jars are BPA-free and safe for preserving all kinds of foods. You won’t see any stains or warping and used jars clean easily to remove food smells.  

This makes them ideal for storing pickles, jams, jellies, salsa, sauces and more. 

Metal lids and rings ensure a tight air-free seal so canned food remains fresh.

Dishwasher-safe, using Anchor Hocking canning jars makes it a breeze to clean and reuse. 

You can safely use these jars in a traditional oven or microwave, and store them in a refrigerator or freezer. 

Thick sided glass walls add to durability and means they are not only healthy but superior over plastic jars.

High capacity and top value 12 pack of home canning jars.


Say goodbye to food spoilage forever! 

The above-listed canning jars are perfect for all your home food preserving needs.  Your food will remain safe and fresh for longer using any of these top-quality canning jars.

Best of all, most of these are available for purchase in handy packsThis makes buying easier and saves money by buying in bulk and spending less on postage.

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