The best water bath canners for jams and jellies are a must-have in any kitchen.  Not only are these preserves delicious, but they’re also nutritious too!  And you’ll save money over time by making them yourself rather than buying store-bought canned ones that often have unnecessary ingredients added in. 

Picking out exactly which one will work well with your needs can be difficult, but don’t worry!  With years of experience in preserving food safely, as well as testing many different models myself, I’m here to help.

Just follow my lead as you read through this article about how I found the best water bath canners for jams and jellies in 2021.  It will save time without sacrificing results (and there is nothing wrong with being efficient).

What Is A Water Bath Canner?

When you are making jams and jellies, water bath canning is the proper method to use.  Water bath canners for jams and jellies need to be tall so water can circulate freely around your jars.  

A wire rack inserted into the canner allows water circulation and protects the jars from rattling on the bottom of the pot.  It also eliminates hot spots where water can get too high on your jars.  

If the water is too high, it may seep between the jar lids and seals, creating problems with spoilage.  It is important that water levels are only about halfway up the jar when preserving jams and jellies in water bath canners.

How High Should Water Bath Canners For Jams And Jellies Be?

The water level in water bath canners should only reach halfway up the jars. If water is too high, it seeps in between the jar and its lid, causing products to go off.

In fact, if the water inside the water bath canner is too high, it may boil over, which is very messy.

When making jams and jellies, you need your water bath canner to be tall enough to fit your jars.  So, decide on your jars, measure their height and find a canner that is tall enough to fit them.

Our Recommended Water Bath Canners for Jams and Jellies

McSunley Stainless Steel Prep N Cook Water Bath Canner

You don’t have to know the temper of steel to admire the beauty and simplicity of McSunley Prep n Cook Stainless Steel Water Bath Canner.  Imagine your jams coming out perfect, every time! 

It is one of the few water bath canners whose heavy-clad bottom allows excellent heat distribution for easy temperature control.  It is ideal for jams, jellies, salsas, or any recipes that require boiling.

Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, it’s dent and ding resistant.  Plus, it can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction! 

The easy-lift jar rack holds (7) 1-quart, (9) 1-pint, or (12) half-pint jars, and the silicone and wire handles provide a sturdy and comfortable grip. The tempered glass lid allows easy viewing of the cooking process, while the shatter-resistant glass lid ensures safety.

As seen on the canning programs of Martha Stewart, Paula Dean and Alton Brown, McSunley Stainless Steel Prep N Cook Water Bath Canner is your best water bath canning option for making jams & jellies.

If you’re looking for all the essentials you need to start canning, look no further than Concord’s 20 Quart Stainless Steel Canning Set.  Not only is it a handy, durable stockpot, but this topwater bath canner is also great for jams and jellies.

The set includes a heavy-duty 20-quart stainless steel pot with a tri-ply bottom for even heat distribution.  This ensures your jams and jellies come out perfectly every time. 

An included rack is made of extra-thick 3 mm stainless steel wires and securely holds jars in place for processing.  Vinyl coated tongs allow safe handling of hot jars and a wide-mouthed funnel makes it easy to fill your canning jars with hot jam or jelly. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the manufacturers have thrown in a magnetic lid lifter and mixer/measurer to make your experience as convenient as possible. 

Plus, our set is induction compatible – making it perfect for any kitchen, and a convenient water bath canner for jams and jellies.

RSVP International Endurance Water Bath Canner

The RSVP motto is to “offer quality kitchen products and cooking tools at competitive prices.”  

An RSVP International Endurance Water Bath Canner is no exception and is perfect for homemade jams and jellies.

This 20-quart stainless-steel canner has a tri-ply base for even heat distribution and features a tempered glass lid with a built-in steam vent. 

You’ll get a seven-jar canning rack, perfect for holding quart or pint jars in place.  The rack design allows it to be raised and supported on the edge of the pot.  Easily remove hot jars of jelly or jam using an oven mitt with this terrific water bath canner.

Made from dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel with polyethylene coated handles, this set is easy to clean – just toss it in the dishwasher! 

It measures 13 inches in diameter by 16 inches tall – perfect for any kitchen countertop.

The only electric water bath canner for jams and jellies on our list!  It is included for its ease of use, capacity, and performance.

This versatile appliance can not only help you with your canning needs but also cook a variety of other dishes.  In fact, it can be used as a stockpot, pasta cooker, vegetable steamer, and more.  

The Ball 21-Quart freshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner is perfect for making jams and jellies at home.  It will fit 7 quart or 8-pint jars and the side spigot allows for easy drainage of hot water.  Simply drain the water and lift the hot jars of jam and jelly with a towel or oven mitt.  No fancy jar lifter is needed here!

Other features include heat-resistant rubber-coated handles, which provide a comfortable non-slip grip.  A glass lid and canning rack are dishwasher safe and allow easy loading and viewing throughout the canning process.

The detachable base makes for easy cleaning and nests for compact storage.  This design makes it the perfect water bath canner for jams and jellies in a small kitchen.

Kitchen Crop Water Bath Canner For Jams And Jellies

Looking to buy a quality canner that’ll last you a lifetime?  Look no further than Kitchen Crop’s VKP Brands Canner to easily make jams and jellies at home. 

It features durable stainless steel construction, and an even heating flat clad bottom that makes it compatible with any cooktop – induction ranges included! 

Plus, the double-sided Stainless Steel Canning Rack lets you process jars by either the steam or water bath method

And if the timing is what you’re worried about, don’t fret!  The built-in Temperature Indicator in the Tempered Glass Lid has 3 elevation zones.  This ensures precise cooking every time regardless of altitude. 

Finally, the generous capacity of this canner means you can handle up to 8-pint jars or 7-quart jars at once!

The VKP1130 home canner was tested by America’s Test Kitchen and rated the overall winner.

Ball Elite Stainless-Steel 21-Quart Waterbath Canner

This water bath canner is perfect for people who want to make their own jams, jellies, and preserves! 

Durable 18/10 stainless steel construction means this water bath canner for jams and jellies will last for generations!

It has a triple-layer base of thick aluminum fused between stainless steel which provides even and efficient heat distribution.  And, the corrosion-resistant, chrome-plated rack ensures easy loading and unloading of hot canning jars!

Double-riveted, loop side handles encased in silicone ensure a safe and comfortable grip.  Plus, a tempered-glass lid with steam vents allows for easily viewing the contents during processing.

Best of all, it’s safe for use on all stovetops (unlike waffle-bottom canners) and it’s easy to clean by hand!


You should now be able to find the best water bath canners for jams and jellies that will suit your needs. 

These are important tools that will help you produce the perfect jar of jam or jelly each time, as well as keep them safe from spoilage during storage. 

If we’ve missed anything in this guide, please let us know and we’ll update it right away! 

To read more about water bath canners and how to use them, try our earlier article explaining preserving food at home with water bath canners.

We hope this article has been helpful – feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or thoughts on finding the best water bath canner for your needs.