Before I started my home preserving journey, I had never heard of a can seamer.  And to be honest, I don’t believe that most preservers would own one.  However, they are very handy to have in the kitchen but range in price and capability.  The manual can seamer or can sealer is quite cheap, but, to get an automatic one be prepared to spend some money.  

A can seamer is popular with preppers as food in cans lasts for a very long time.  However, any person looking for a long-term storage solution for food will do well to look into these machines.  I use mine regularly for a myriad of products from my garden and orchard.   

Canning as a method of packaging requires the use of can seamer machines to enable us to produce air-tight and tamper-proof packages.

However, you need to learn about can seamer machines before you can choose one for purchase.  Read on for a helpful guide to what these machines are and how they work…

Cannular Can Seamer
txmachine® Can Seamer
All American Can Seamer
DayRoad Can Sealing Machine
Cannular Bench Top Can Seamer - Can Your Home Brew - KL10757
txmachine® Cans sealing machine Tinplate Can Sealing Machine 39-130mm Cans diameter Ring-pull Can Capping Machine Pop-top Aluminum Cap Seamer with 1 free mold(110V/60HZ,Touch screen version)
All American Senior Flywheel Can Sealer
DayRoad Upgrade Intelligent Black Can Sealing Machine LCD Smart Panel Stable Operation Machine Customized the PET Can Bottle Sealing Machine
Cannular Can Seamer
Cannular Bench Top Can Seamer - Can Your Home Brew - KL10757
txmachine® Can Seamer
txmachine® Cans sealing machine Tinplate Can Sealing Machine 39-130mm Cans diameter Ring-pull Can Capping Machine Pop-top Aluminum Cap Seamer with 1 free mold(110V/60HZ,Touch screen version)
All American Can Seamer
All American Senior Flywheel Can Sealer
DayRoad Can Sealing Machine
DayRoad Upgrade Intelligent Black Can Sealing Machine LCD Smart Panel Stable Operation Machine Customized the PET Can Bottle Sealing Machine

What Is A Can Seamer Machine?

A can seamer machine is used to seal a cover or lid to the body of a can during the packaging of a product.

The lid is usually made of steel, but the body of the can may be made of tin, aluminum, paper, PET, glass, or plastic depending on the product being packaged. Whatever the material of the body, the seam must be leak-proof for an effective seal.

A can seamer can be automatic or semi-automatic, which will require some manual labor. As we said previously, the price will reflect that.

Now, let’s get you familiar with the body parts of a can seamer.

Parts Of An Automatic Can Seamer

  • Seamer Head

This is sometimes called the chuck and it holds the can firmly in place during the processes of seaming.

  • Seamer Turntable

A spring-loaded disc that spins freely to support the body of the can during the process of sealing.

  • Seaming Rollers

Seaming machines have two rollers, and they are used for creating double seams. 

  • Sealing Chamber & Vacuum Room

The sealing chamber is where the sealing process takes place in the machine

Now you know the basic components of a can seamer and what tasks each performs, you may want to ask – How does the machine itself work?

How Does A Can Seamer Machine Work?

The can seamer works in three stages.

  • The Compression Stage

The machine holds the can body tight against the seaming chuck.  This is in order to hold the can in place and allow the attachment of the lid without spilling any contents.

It is during this stage that the lid is placed on this can.

  • The First Roller Operation Stage

The first roller pushes the lid flange onto the can and turns it around. This ensures the even interlocking of the body flange with the lid flange.

  • The Second Roller Operation Stage

The second steaming roller irons out and flattens the loose double seam from the previous roller process.  This gives an airtight double seal that does not leak.

The seaming machine then further compresses the sealing compound on the open spaces for the double seaming process.

Things to Consider Before Choosing A Can Seamer

  • Your Requirements

When choosing a can seamer, it is important to consider how much demand there is for your production.

Also, know the materials of the cans/packaging that you are going to be using.  Buying a machine that does not suit the materials you wish to pack may waste your products and cost you money. 

Also, think about the size of your production and also the size of the cans you want to use.

  • Your Budge

Before you choose a can seamer, look for one that will serve your purpose but not break the bank.  Remember, the cost of a machine does not determine its features and capabilities.

  • Available Space

Another thing you should consider is the space available in your kitchen.  Some of these units can be quite large and take up a lot of bench and storage space.  

Be sure to check the dimensions of your can seamer before purchasing.

  • Emergency Switches

Another important factor to consider is the presence of an emergency switch.  Avoid any potential hazards and make sure there is an emergency switch.

  • Warranty and Durability

Finally, consider the durability of the machine that you are choosing.  It must be made from high-quality materials to ensure the working parts will last a considerable period of time. 

Also, try to get a machine that includes a warranty to give you post-sale protection. 

Check out our reviews below to make up your own mind. 

Top 5 Can Seamer Machines Reviews

Cannular KL10757 Beer Canning Machine


  • Power: 250W 24V DC
  • Rated Speed: 3300 RPM

The Cannular KL10757  is one of the best can seamer machines you can buy. 

It has a slim body and can fit well into any kitchen as it is 19.5 inches high and nine inches wide.

A manual can seamer is fast and easy to use with an estimated sealing time of five seconds per can.

However, this machine is not designed for heavy production runs so is suitable as home preserving equipment.

The Cannular KL10757 can seamer works up to 32-ounce cans and is easily adjusted to fit various sizes. 

The kit includes a comprehensive instruction manual that includes videos.

A compact machine that doesn’t require much space, the only problem is that it will not work with all types of cans. 

Also note, that the unit does not include a power cord so this will have to be purchased separately.

txmachine® Cans Seamer Machine


  • Voltage:220V 50HZ,110V/60HZ
  • Power:370w
  • Cans height:39-200mm /1.54inch-7.87inch
  • Cans diameter:39-130mm/1.54inch- 5.12inch(one mould use one size ring-pull, tell us your size once you place your order)
  • Capacity:25bottles/min
  • Machine size:415*300*750 mm/16.34inch*11.8inch*29.5inch
  • Net weight:65 kg/143lb

txmachine® Cans Seamer Machine may be used to cap a variety of materials, including tinplate, PET plastic, glass, and iron.

The ring-pull can, fruit cans, canned beer, canned drinks, milk powder cans, and pet cans are just a few examples.

It can operate automatically with lighting equipment and is simple to use.

This innovative machine can seal tightly, greatly improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

As a result, there are fewer inferior-quality products.

It is the ideal product for the food and beverage industries.


The txmachine® Cans seamer machine has a number of features that make it a great choice for the food and beverage industries. These include:

  • The material is stainless steel, so it does not rust and is easy to clean.
  • Microcomputer control makes it smarter and more efficient.
  • Double motors (copper core motor) make the machine run more stable.
  • The bold transfer shaft has a high bearing capacity and is safer to operate.
  • A high-quality rotation kit is durable and resistant to wear.

Continuation of its features…

  • The heat dissipation protection inner part ensures that the large fan dissipates heat quickly and the working time is longer.
  • A pure copper alloy rotor is more wear-resistant and provides greater stability.

With these features, this machine offers superior performance and reliability for a variety of can types.

So if you’re looking for efficiency, durability, and ease of use in your food or beverage production line, look no further than the txmachine® Cans seamer machine.

VEVOR Semi-Automatic

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  • Model: VE-TCS-#202
  • Product Diameter: 56 mm/2.2 inch
  • Cans Height: 60-170 mm/2.4-6.7 inch
  • Production Capacity: 10-20 times/min
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Motor Power: 370 W
  • Voltage: 110V, 60Hz
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 53.5×37.5×75 cm/21×14.8×29.5 in

This automatic capping machine is made of carbon steel, which makes it sturdy and corrosion-resistant.

It has a high-speed rotation axle that allows for regular operation.

Premium carbon steel construction is long-lasting and anti-corrosion.

With an adjustable stand for different heights of cans, this machine is perfect for sealing cans with a diameter of φ56 mm/2.2 inch.

Suitable for cans with a height of 60-170 mm/2.4-6.7 inch, this seamer has a production capacity of 10-20 beats/min, making it easy and efficient to use!

This semi-automatic machine is designed for quick and easy operation, with a simple panel on the back that lets you automatically start and stop the sealing process.

Plus, it’s easily portable so you can take it wherever you need to go.

Whether you’re capping cans of beer, soda, or any other type of beverage, the VEVOR Can Seamer is up to the task.

It features a small size, great portability, and high efficiency.

The can seaming machine is supported by a 370W motor, making it stable and easy to use.

With its handle design, it is also very portable so you can take it anywhere you need to go.

Its sleek design makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen.

With its wide range of applications, this can seamer is perfect for sealing juice, liquid alcohol, milky tea, skincare, and other products in all kinds of iron, plastic, aluminum, paper, and tin cans.

The machine is easy to operate with a simple push-button start/stop control, and its adjustable height guide ensures that each can is sealed perfectly.

With its compact design and durable construction, the VEVOR Can Seamer is an essential tool for any business or home canning operation.

All American Senior Flywheel Can Sealer

A unique feature of the All American Senior Flywheel machine is its lightweight and has an old-school industrial design. 

It weighs only 27 pounds. 

It is a beautiful machine and it will look great in your kitchen. 

To cap it all, it is really easy to use and top results are guaranteed.

This top can seamer will fit perfectly on top of your counter and you can hold it firm with a C-clamp. 

IN fact, if you wish to fix it to a countertop, it comes with 4 bolt holes in the base. 

If you buy the right chuck, this machine can seal different sizes of cans. 

Most of the cans are produced by Americans so they will be sure to fit. 

The cans come in sizes from No 5 to No 10 and No 12.

The machine is easy to use and easy to maintain too.  Regular household wipes will clean the machine, you just have to check that the wheels move smoothly.

All American Senior Flywheel is a high-quality can seamer, but it is relatively expensive and works only in manual mode.

This incredible machine features an upgrade intelligent microcomputer control panel, LED clear LCD, touch button design, and real-time visual operation for simple control.

With its memory sealing cup/emergency stop/ fault detection function, you can be sure that your cans will be sealed perfectly every time.

Plus, the sleek black design is sure to complement any business décor.

With multiple functions, it’s perfect for use in a variety of settings, like a bakery, coffee shop, KTV hotel, or snack bar.

The smart panel makes it easy to use, and the sleek black design will look great in any setting.

With its easy shuttle and non-rotating multi-function seal, this machine will quickly become your new best friend in the kitchen.

Not to mention, the stable sealing operation and faster efficiency will save you so much time and energy.

No more wasted time and cans with unsealed lids.

With this machine, you’ll be able to work smarter, not harder.

This amazing machine is suitable for all kinds of height can bottles, and features an adjustable rod holder to accommodate different bottle heights.

Plus, with a customizable cup for other caliber models, this machine is truly versatile.

The LCD smart panel makes operation a breeze, and the overall design is sleek and stylish.

Whether you’re a home user or a commercial business, the DayRoad Upgrade Intelligent Black Can Sealing Machine is the perfect choice for all your can sealing needs.


Before buying any piece of home preserving equipment it is important to do your research.  This is particularly important for a can seamer as they are such a specialized machine for your kitchen.

To seal food in cans properly, a dedicated can sealing machine is needed.  These will not only make sure the process is safe, but they will also enable you to do the process quickly and efficiently.

So, now that you have read our review of the top can seamer devices available, get out there and start your home canning journey.

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