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Welcome to Best Home Preserving!

It seems as though everyone is getting back into preserving food and with good reason!

As a matter of fact, it is great to get back into the kitchen and make healthy food without additives or preservatives.  Furthermore, the whole family can be involved and enjoy the process while you save a tonne of money!

To get the art of preserving food down pat, having the right home preserving equipment is essential!

Indeed, home preserving equipment has changed dramatically and makes preserving food quicker and easier then ever before.

What is more, there are so many fantastic and easy to use new products on the market.  All these new features can make it confusing to pick the right one for you and your family.

Furthermore, new and up-dated machines are making preserving food at home simple, affordable and fun.

From cooking up sourdough starters to making sauerkraut, canning fruit, dehydrating vegetables or even creating full meals.

Actually, there is a preserving machine and method for everything and everyone and we are here to help with our best home preserving equipment reviews!



We Help You Choose The Best Home Preserving Equipment


Helping you choose the best home preserving equipment is a passion of ours.  We know first hand how much easier and enjoyable preserving food is when you have the right equipment.  In fact, we have tried our fair share of products to find just the right ones!

Actually, that is why we have put together our food preserving equipment reviews.  Our goal is to help you choose the right method and machine for your needs.

We are passionate food preservers and cooks ourselves.  Along with our reviews you may also find the odd recipe that we just couldn’t help but share!  As a matter of fact, who doesn’t love some homemade pepper jerky or dried mango?

Besides, it genuinely makes us so happy to see more people looking into what ingredients are in their food.  Above all, we think it is imperative people also understand how their food is processed. 

There is a lot of talk about fertiliser and pesticide usage and the long-term effects they could have.  In fact, as a result of this conversation more people are getting back into the kitchen to make real food at home.

Concern over our families health makes us look to ways of improving and simplifying our food.  An easy way to do this is by making your own food at home and preserving any excess.  Preserving is a fun and easy way to make healthy food.

Furthermore, you can enjoy cooking again and reconnect with this inner drive to look after our bodies.

home preserving

Hi! I’m Sally-Anne!

A few years ago I started my home preserving journey after my garden started going crazy with more food then we could eat! I discovered my love of cooking and preserving my own food and want to help you find the joy and complete love in preserving your own food! Plus making your own preserves are damn delicious!

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beginners guide to home food preserving


Are you looking to start preserving food in your own home but not sure where to start?

Our Beginners Guide to Home Food Preserving is a perfect place to learn the most common methods of home food preserving.

Our easy ways of home food preserving will provide nutritious and healthy food all year round.

Find the best home preserving methods to save money and reduce food waste to landfill.

Finding the Best Home Preserving Equipment

Preserving food at home allows you to save money, be healthier and teach your family sustainability.

You can utilize excess from your own garden or buy fruit and vegetables in bulk and in season.

In fact, by doing this there will no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or other chemicals your foods.

My family has always preserved our excess garden produce – we love the process and relish the amazing flavors.

Additionally, I have spent a lot of my time doing research in the kitchen.  What is more, I am passionate about the best methods and home preserving equipment for different foods and budgets.

Our goal is to simplify the confusing and potentially expensive process of getting the best equipment to preserve food at home.

What is more, we review home preserving equipment for canning/bottling, dehydrating, food smoking and vacuum sealing.

Growing Produce at Home Is Easy

We have seen an explosion of medium and high density housing meaning little or no yard space.  In fact,  people have found clever ways to grow their own produce.

Think community, vertical or balcony gardens and amazingly green rooftop spaces.  Some zones and authorities are even allowing fruits and vegetables to be grown on nature strips and public grounds.

Additionally, restaurants and cafes have edible gardens on-site.  It is common to see pots containing herbs and vegetables in and around their premises.

Not wanting to waste produce they have put time and effort into growing their own.  With this comes an explosion of home preserving equipment use.

However, if growing your own produce is not for you try Farmers’ Markets and local fresh food markets.  You can easily buy locally grown, in-season fruits and vegetables very cheaply.

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