Types Of Food Smokers

Smoking Food Using Different Types Of Smokers

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Smoking food as a method of food preservation originated way back in the dark ages.  This was well before chemicals, refrigerators or even ice-boxes.

You can be sure that your ancestors back in the stone age were smoking foods, particularly meats of all kind.  Think beef, poultry and fish/seafood to ensure that their hard-earned catch would feed them in the weeks or months to come.

Americans love a good BBQ and this usually involves slow-cooked, seasoned meat of any type, however smokers are not only used to BBQ.

Modern gastronomy specialists all over the world use smokers to prolong the life and add amazing flavours to many different meats but also vegetables. 

There are many books which have been written on the “how to” and recipes for smoking foods, but the first thing you need to have is a smoker.

Different Fuels Give Certain Flavors When Smoking Food


The big question is:   WHICH FOOD SMOKER IS BEST FOR ME???

Funnily enough when I first got started, this was the same question I asked myself.  I had to troll through many, many sites to try and find the right smoker for both my needs and my budget.  My aim here is to help you find the best quality smoker in your price range that will help you enjoy smoking food for many years.

We have discovered a few different types of smokers in our research:

Electric Smokers 

Use electricity to heat an element causing the wood to smoke.  Easy heat control but expensive and creates the least flavor within the food.

Propane Smokers 

Work the same as the Electric Smoker but use gas instead of electricity.

Both are convenient and easy ways of smoking food but don’t impart the same flavor.

Charcoal Smoker

The favourite choice for master barbecuers as the charcoal adds more flavor.  The machines themselves tend to be cheaper however there is the cost of the charcoal each time.  The whole process is very much longer.  You have to fire them up and then wait for the coals to burn down before you add the food or it will quickly char.

Wood Smokers 

Provide the purest flavor but also the most attention to maintain a constant temperature.  Probably not the best choice for beginners.  This is the traditional way of smoking food and the favorite for avid barbecuers.  Think of Southern Barbecues where the wood is lit in the early hours of the morning.  The meat is added after a few hours and will cook all day until ready to be served that night.

Pellet Smokers 

A cousin of the wood smoker but you use timber that has been compressed into pellets.  This is easier than using firewood as you load the pellets into an oven-like compartment.  There is little need for  attention as with a motor to turn an augur the unit feeds itself.  You can adjust the rate that the pellets are fed in to increase or decrease the temperature.  Beware, the machine itself is expensive.

So which food smoker is best for the way you want to be smoking food??

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